We're thrilled you have found your way here. If you are submitting your work it is because someone from the Aster(ix) collective has invited you to do so. 

Unless you have been formally invited by one of our editors we will not be looking at your submissions until we have an open reading period. Our next open submissions period will be in Spring 2020. Dates TBA. Please sign up to our newsletter or social media for the announcement.

What we are looking for in submissions are works that will take part in some of “the best conversations the world has to offer.”  Work that speaks beyond the trends of the current moment, that listens to the past and looks to the future. We are especially interested in work that is unconventional, international, urgent, lyrical, difficult, delicious and of differing aesthetics. In this time of lightning communications we want to read writing that is thoughtful and not necessarily certain.

Throughout the year, we publish works online and also produce two thematic anthologies, both in print and later online. We do accept reprints but you must have retained or regained the rights to your work. Submissions will be carefully reviewed, but responses may take several  months. We are an all volunteer staff. Please do let us know immediately if you have found another venue for your work. 

Submittable will  allow you to upload your piece, and log in to check on its status at any  time. Cover letters should provide contact information, your bio and state the genre  and title of the submission. Letters should also acknowledge the editor who invited you to submit. Feel free to provide any other information  you would like us to know about your work.

Although we don't pay our writers for pieces published online, we do offer a contributor copy (when budget permits) for works published in print. 

When you publish with Aster(ix) you agree to grant us first serial rights. Once your piece is published, rights revert back to you and you can republish it. We just ask you to give Aster(ix) credit.  

The best way to know what kinds of pieces we are likely to accept is to read the journal onine or order a copy of an issue. The journal's home page can be found here.


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  • We are always looking for volunteers to join our pool of readers; we accept readers on a rolling basis (our response time will be slow) throughout the academic year. 
  • Our submission cycle varies, so we'll reach out if and when we are ready for your help as a reader. 
  • As a reader, your workflow will be managed digitally over Submittable and with Google Drive management to coordinate with other volunteers. 

WHAT / Aster(ix) is an award-winning literary journal that shares poetry, fiction, nonfiction, art, and everything in-between. We focus on centering womxn of color, however, we publish work by anyone as long as it resonates with us. We seek work that challenges, plays, reflects, dances, evokes, invigorates, soothes, and/or inspires, amongst the myriad of human emotions. You can view some of our current passions by viewing our most recent issue or our current Artist-in-Residence.

WHO / We welcome anyone who is passionate about supporting written and visual art, who yearns to make and read and support and thrive and honor. While our journal is led by students and faculty from the Writing Department at the University of Pittsburgh, you don't have to be affiliated with Pitt to work with us. You'll mostly work with Editor-in-Chief Angie Cruz, Senior Editor Tanya Shirazi, and Managing Editor Amanda Tien. As you can see on our masthead, we have a talented community around the world.

WHERE & WHEN / We work on the academic calendar, so our team is active this year from September 2021 - May 2022. Our digital submissions are active all year-long, and our next print submission window will likely be in Spring 2022.